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Meet our makers

Meet our makers

Our commitment to responsibility impacts on how we source new and existing suppliers, and we believe in co-operation and transparency with regard to compliance from our manufacturing partners. 
Here are three factory profiles within our extensive network of factories:   

Indian factory partner

Our factory partner in India follows eco-friendly production processes and only works with raw material suppliers who are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) & OEKO-TEX® certified (meaning free from harmful chemicals).

The factory uses fair trade certified organic cotton and bamboo, colours certified free from azo and heavy metals, and oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach, plus follows organic dyeing and printing standards.

They are solar plant energy efficient, manage production processes to conserve water and treat waste water to ensure it’s pollution free. The company also has strict social justice laws in place for its factory and suppliers, and steadfastly adheres to regulations regarding child labour and minimum wages.

European factory partner

Our European factory partner is the most efficient and flexible textile plant in 
the world.

Their sustainable practices include the design and development of fabrics made with natural dye techniques using less resources, organic textiles and recycled fibres, highly efficient, high-tech production designed to international standards, and an in-house operation with total quality management.

Their environmental efforts involve the use of efficient compressed air lines throughout the factory, solar powered electric panels covering 50 per cent of the energy demand, the highest COP VRF systems for maximum energy efficiency, rain water used as grey water, and decreased water consumption through the use of tap and toilet water sensors.


Taiwanese factory partner

Our Taiwanese factory partner has gone to great lengths in the research and development of green textiles.

They manufacture garments using sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, coconut, charcoal and bamboo.

They’ve also been certified by many international organisations to ensure high quality green products and production processes. These include OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which guarantees all garment components including every thread, button and accessory are free from harmful chemicals. They meet ISO-14001 standards ensuring an effective environmental management system, hold IMO certification to verify the quality assurance of eco-friendly products, plus Control Union certification indicating their devotion to eco textiles and the environment