Our Process

After years of experience, and more brands than we can count, we’ve nailed down our process to set you up for success. Your athleisure label is custom created for you as you stay in control throughout the entire process.


Bring it to life. With Slyletica, you’ll work with leading fashion designers, production and garment tech teams to translate ideas into product. We’ll carefully plan and design your collections from apparel and packaging, sourcing the best pricing from our extensive ethical manufacturing network. Our Australian-based teams ensure quality control and manage the process for you from start to finish.


Make it happen. Turn ideas to inventory. Slyletica works hand in hand with our factory network to ensure the bulk manufacturing of your goods runs seamlessly. We’ll then QC, pack and ready the items for shipment. Our logistics partners deliver to your desired location.


From launch to longevity. Launching a brand is just the start and we know from experience scaling a brand is not easy. We can manage your operations with our expert ecommerce operations team. You’ll benefit from a tailored strategy including website management and logistics. Our end-to-end service means you can focus on growing your brand. Our seamless handling of your inventory includes storage, packing and delivery to customers worldwide.

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