Looking to the future


“While we’re reactive to trends, we work hard to be proactive in securing our future with sustainability and transparency across our entire supply chain, and a commitment to being more responsible and accountable for the environment and our customers.”

Our ethics and sustainability

At Slyletica, we believe in slow and purposeful fashion. That’s why every piece we create for our clients is thoughtfully designed and constructed in high-quality materials to ensure they’re loved and worn for years to come.

We’re on a constant journey of understanding how to be a more environmentally conscious business. So we work with our factory partners to offer more eco materials to our customers, incorporate increasingly sustainable practices into our day-to-day operations, and contribute more to pathways that increase our supply chain’s ability to implement more sustainable solutions, working towards achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Our manufacturing partners

We work daily with global factories that specialise in activewear production to ensure we deliver the highest quality product.

We believe responsible sourcing of manufacturers is critical to the success of our company and our brands, and we intend to advance better conditions in our global supply chain.

This means our products must be produced under responsible and humane conditions, and in respect of international social, environmental and ethical quality standards. And our factory partners must be BSCI compliant.


Our onboarding process

The factory profile documents we require from each factory we onboard are essential for us to understand the current risks and standards from each supplier manufacturing Slyletica products. This also helps us take adequate action to ensure compliance and make necessary improvements, and our supplier code of conduct is reviewed every 12 months. 

Before onboarding a new factory, they must disclose the following information:

  • Detailed images of the factory building, merchandisers office, recreation area, factory floor, emergency exits, dormitory buildings, pick and pack areas, toilets, PPE, fire alarm, payroll, time records, business license, storage area, evacuation signs and fire-fighting equipment
  • Information on their Code of Conduct and social compliance, health and safety standards, legal and ethical standards, labour practices and environmental guidelines
  • Details on the company’s workforce conditions, site and operations

Eco fabrics and biodegradable packaging

At Slyletica, we work closely with our trusted network of manufacturing partners to ensure we can offer eco and sustainable materials and packaging options.

With 100% of our packaging either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable as of January 2021, we make it simple to run a sustainable fashion brand.